Start Menu 8 Crack with Serial Key Free Download 2020

Start Menu 8 Crack with Serial Key Free Download 2020

Start Menu 8 Crack from IObit is a free app that brings the Windows 7 Start Menu into Windows 8. The Start Menu and the Start Button are probably the most overlooked features from the hottest Windows editions, as they used to provide quick access to favorite programs, files, and system tools. What this application does is install a Start Menu, which integrates seamlessly with all the operating systems to offer the entire performance and comfort of the Windows feature.

Features and highlights

  • Customizable, Easy, and FREE to Use
  • Start Menu 8 on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs
  • This download is licensed as freeware for your Windows
  • Includes something or adware that looks like adware like toolbars or browser alterations.
  • Compatibility with this specific Windows 8 menu newcomer software can A separate x64 version might be accessible from IObit.
  • App registered under desktop enhancement software and made available by IObit for Windows.
  • It was tested employing an editor here on a PC, and a list of attributes was compiled; see under. We’ve discovered that this software includes ads or other ad-supported elements during runtime.
  • If You’d like to submit a review of this Program Download, we welcome your input and invite you to submit something.


Start Menu 8 is specially designed for Windows 8. It offers a perfect solution for customers working with Windows Start Menu always and are not accustomed to the brand new Metro start screen in Windows 8. This wise tool brings both the Windows 8 start button and Windows 8 Start Menu, also provides the option to bypass the Metro start page, allowing users that only work on the desktop computer to boot into Windows 8 desktop directly. It’s the most excellent Windows 8 launch menu replacement.

The release of Windows 8, and the passing of The Start menu, has spurred a lot of developers to participate in dark arts.

Through arcane coding, they’ve resurrected and even improved the older Start menu to the advantage of desktop users everywhere. What Microsoft murdered has been brought back to life in numerous fresh incarnations.

Caught our eye: Start Menu Reviver, Start8, and Start Menu 8. All the programs in this trio come from established developers and re-construct the Start menu while also offering substantial customization. But which is the best?

Start Menu Reviver

  • Start Menu Reviver has selected As opposed to ignoring touch; Start Menu Reviver attempts to integrate it simultaneously, courting the mouse.
  • The goal is to give users an interface that’s equally acceptable for tablets and computers.
  • Surprisingly, Reviver handles to meet this goal With few compromises. The large, metro-style icons displayed when the menu is opened may be complemented by a pop-out collection of programs and files which allow for fast access to any applications installed.
  • And don’t worry if you discover something you do not like; it can probably be customized. Tiles can be transferred, apps altered, icons switched, and more. All of this makes for a versatile and fun menu.
  • Two minor defects might annoy some users. To begin with, the menu takes up a great deal of room and can not be made more prominent.
  • However, this is just a problem on a PC using a large screen. Second, there are no animations that respond to touch, so you’ll wonder at times when a program didn’t activate because it was not registered or you fat-fingered it.


  1. Start menu 8

The program will Make It Possible for you to customize the windows Logo and create shortcuts for switching between background mode and the metro mode of Windows8. It allows you to directly change to the background style when you boot without the need to see that the windows start screen.

Developer: IObit

Availability: free

  1. Start 8

From the programmers of well-known customization Programs on windows, this app will give you a whole group of customization features but not free; it’s a paid app but a fantastic choice.

Availability: paid

  1. Timeless shell

The program will completely change the Windows Desktop to windows seven user experience by making modifications to the taskbar, hot corners into the explorer.

Availability: free

  1. Pokki

This app Won’t revive your old windows Start button but will fully transform using its user experience, which is a quite fresh and fresh one.

Developer: SweetLabs

Availability: complimentary

                      Start Menu 8 crack

Start Menu 8 Crack with Serial Key Free Download 2020

  1. Power8

With minimal customization features that this program offers you just what you want with the excellent simple and clean user interface.

Developer: Power8

Availability: free

  1. StartIsback

This application will bring the nearest possible Feeling of utilizing the windows seven design start menu, using the same features like pinning, exploring, and searching on your old windows 7 OS.

Developer: They

Availability: trial and paid

  1. StartW8

A beautiful 2D look perfectly matches the user interface of Windows 8, providing more UI compatible feelings. The program has fewer options but does a decent job of fulfilling all vital requirements like a direct log on to desktop style.

Developer: SODATSW

Availability: free

  1. RetroUI

The app is packed with tile icons at the Beginning Menu and in the taskbar together with pinning abilities with specific windows shortcuts and fly out menu.

Developer: Thinix

Availability: trial and paid

  1. ViStart

This application comes with minimal choices and Customizability and overlooking the right-click options. There are choices of the skins available, and the emblem may also be customized.

Developer: Lee-Soft

Availability: free

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